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Two Police Officers, Paramedic Murdered While Protecting Family In Danger [VIDEOS]


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Dec 13, 2006
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Prayers for the officers, their friends, family and community...​

In a devastating turn of events on Sunday morning, tragedy struck as two Minnesota police officers and a paramedic lost their lives while responding to a domestic incident at a residence in Burnsville, as reported by local sources.

This case confuses me, It went on for hours and at least one of the officers was in the house when the shooter went off. Details are lacking for sure but a terrible outcome for the 3 deceased.

I looked in a lot of sites but actual details are lacking. Lots of news about the 2 police and 1 responder killed but nothing about the guy who started it all.

Suspect in killing of first responders was banned for life from possessing firearms​

The gunman suspected in the fatal shootings of two Minnesota police officers and a paramedic during a domestic violence standoff in a Minneapolis suburb was serving a lifetime ban from possessing firearms at the time of the deadly encounter, according to court documents...

... "Criminals don't follow the law, and we have to be better prepared on the whole criminal justice system to react," state Sen. Warren Limmer, a Republican, said on Monday following a moment of silence for the slain first responders at the state capital....
This is yet another sad example of how the American justice system has failed. Based on everything I had read about him; this man is a career criminal who should have been in jail. When the system fails, people die, which is exactly what happened. We read sad stories like this every single day. Another example is Lewiston Maine, that whacko should have been locked up, but again the system failed. We do not need more gun control, what we need is to put dangerous people in jail or mental institutions and throw away the key. Gun control or criminal control, which works better, you decide.
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