TWO new guns!

May 26, 2005
northeast MA
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I went to the Marlboro gun show last Saturday. Went with a bunch of cash in my pocket...

Bought this off of Milsurps4Me:


Yugo SKS 59/66. Really nice shape. All de-cosmo'd. Life is good. Thanks M4M!!!

And gun #2:


At first pass, you'd think it was a Colt Detective Special. You'd be wrong, but close: It's actually a Japanese copy of a Colt Detective Special made by Miroku Firearms of Japan.

Gotta toss out a special "thank you" shout-out to C-pher for this one - it was in the case at the Powder Keg table, and when I mentioned to C-ph that I had my eye on a Colt DS (in worse shape than this gun for $225), he brought me over to look at the Miroku. When I saw the price, I couldn't get my wallet out fast enough.

How does $75 sound?

Sounded damn good to me...

I've started somewhat of a snubbie niche. There's the Snubbie from Hell™


and the S&W model 38:


and now this gun.

*The 360 is the lightest and most powerful.

*The 38 was the cheapest (free).

*And this one was the best bargain (and highest capacity - it's a six shooter).

Hmmm. Anyone got a line on a good used S&W M&P 2"? [wink]

You did real good! That SKS has an especially nice stock and getting it already "degreased" doubles it's value!

As for the Miroku, I suggest a Google search for info. Here's what I find in the 2001 Blue Book (just a few relevant excerpts):

Current mfr established during 1893 and located in Kochi, Japan. Miroku currently manufactures long arms for Browning and Winchester, in addition to their own line of firearms mostly distributed in Europe. Most guns marked Miroku only were made on a limited basis and although somewhat rare, collector desirability to date has been minimal.

So this sounds like a "bring back" gun and could have an interesting history. If I were you, I'd ask C-pher to ask Greg where it came from and see if you can contact the person for info on where he got it. Might be an interesting story that goes with it, but it is a long shot that you'll get the info.

Nice find!
You did real good Jay.
The Miroku .38's were made from the 60's to 80's and sold here in the US. Believe it was originally used by Japanese police.
I say anytime you can get a decent working gun under a hundred bux, it's a good deal.
Thanks everyone!

I am VERY pleased with both guns; now I just can't wait to get to the range to try them both out...

And there will be a third new gun to bring, too... [wink]
Adam_MA said:
Don't leave us hanging like that... What is it?


Sig 229 from the Classifieds. Picking it up on Friday. With any kind of luck I'll have three MA-legal hi caps for it as well...
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