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Feb 23, 2014
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In October 2012 I purchased a .22 upper from CMMG. Its core piece is the .22 bolt group which replaces a standard AR bolt allowing you to shoot .22 rounds from your AR. I chose to get a complete upper so I could drop it on a spare lower I had/have and have the proper rifling for a .22.

A while ago it started failing to reset the trigger after every round. I tried a couple different types of ammo, then put it on a different lower, and it still failed.

I finally did what I should have done in the first place - I called the manufacturer. A very pleasant lady took my phone call, told me that the tech support guy I needed to speak to was busy, and she'd have him call me back. A little while later he called back. We talked a bit, and I emailed him a pic of the bolt. Called him back the next morning to see if he'd gotten the pic and he asked me for a mailing address, said he'd send me out a new bolt with a RA for the one I had.

Couple days later, (day before yesterday), the new bolt arrived with a return label. Dry-fired it with a snapcap and it seems to function. Hopefully I'll make it to the range after work today to give it a full test.

I bought that upper two years ago. There was no problem getting tech support from CMMG, and once Justin had seen the picture of my existing bolt, he sent me a brand new one in exchange. You can't ask for better product support.
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