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This guy has some strong opinions about guns

Aug 28, 2005
My house and gun shop in NH
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F*ck you no!

Are you bone tired of fentanyl that’s killing your kids being allowed to come into this country by your pedo president?

Are you bone tired of the left saying it’s ok for your kids to cut off their penis?

Are you bone tired of your kids being killed by gang violence while you virtue signal about white privileged?

Are you bone tired of your kids being trafficked into this country, raped on the way and being sold into sex slavery also allowed by pedo joe and his band of pimps?

Again, F*ck you no you piece of sh*t!
LOL He's in full tantrum mode "Take deadly arsenals out of private hands, no matter the firearm. No assault weapons. No handguns. No rifles. Melt them down and throw them somewhere deep in the ocean."

Just toss him out of a helicopter
The picture says it all.

Where has this guy been for the last 30+ years? KC has been a shooting gallery for years and no one has paid an ounce of attention.

Maybe he should cut off his johnson to help prevent rape. I worry about people who are this clueless that think they can tell me what to do.

Molon Labe.
Don't worry. It takes 3/4 of states to ratify an amendment. This clown will be long gone before 3/4 of states do that with the 2A. How fast can you name 13 states that won't be having any of that?
This is the response you get when the "ban assault weapons" people realize that most shootings aren't with assault weapons.
Just toss him out of a helicopter

Actually this is a common character destructing and rebuilding drill... :)

... they blindfold you and put you on a running chopper. The chopper "runs" a few minutes up and down (you have no idea) and then they toss you out of it - blindfolded. The chopper could be on the ground and you just hop off... it could be a couple yards up and you land on a mattress or you might just land in a lake or other body of water from 5-10 yards in the air. It is my understanding it works well towards squashing the -what-if thoughts that fcuk with you during battle :)

.. i read this on the interwebz so it must be true
The same type of deranged liberal that wants to melt all the guns down but if someone attacks them or god forbid the country....who would be the first bitch looking for armed people to protect him?

Suck a bat.
The op-ed illustrates once again untrustworthy "news" organizations have become in the past 30-40 years. This is a propaganda outfit. The Kansas Reflector is owned by States Newsroom.

From Wikipedia:

States Newsroom is a U.S. tax-exempt organization that serves as an umbrella organization for state-focused news outlets with progressive editorial outlooks. Launched in 2019, it began as a sponsored project of the Hopewell Fund, a left-leaning nonprofit that does not disclose its donors.

The Hopewell Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization managed by Arabella Advisors, a for-profit consulting company that advises left-leaning donors and nonprofits about where to give money and serves as the hub of a politically liberal "dark money" network in the United States.

He even went against his grandfathers wishes and bought a sound system so he and his husband can spend romantic nights together with music.
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