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The Ones that Got Away

Sep 11, 2005
Leoburg/Fitchminster area
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Having found myself at home these past two days with a fairly bad cold, has given me the genuine pleasure of perusing the Northeast Shooters Forum at my liesure. I'll be headed back into work tommorrow, so let me say thank you to the many folks who reguarly contribute to these boards for making my stay at home, by myself and ill, far more pleasant than it would have been otherwise. I really enjoy all of you folks and am glad that I know you through the medium of the Internet. I appreciate your various perspectives on guns and shooting in particular and the human condition in general.

I was reflecting this afternoon about how many guns I personally enjoyed only to foolishly trade, sell or otherwise relinquish. Guns that I wish I had kept. The keepers that I got rid of are:

1. A nickel plated S&W M39-2 purchased in 1974, it came in a gray box and was, I think, my favorite all-around pistol. I sold it when I was getting divorced. I tried to buy it back a few months later when my situation improved but the person I had sold it to, already had sold it.

2. A nickel plated S&W Regulation Police in 38 S&W that I purchased new at Jensen's in Tucson, Az about 1975. It was a little gem. It was like an M&P except it was on a J frame. It was one of the last .38 S&W revolvers ever made by S&W. I think I paid $80.00 dollars for it. Ex-wife got it in the divorce.

3. A Remington Model 600 .308 bolt action carbine. The forerunner of the scout rifle concept. Ex-wife got it in the divorce.

Fast Forwarding to the 80's:

4. A Colt .380 Govt Model in Coltguard (electroless nickel finish), sold to upgrade to an S&W 3913...I thought this was an upgrade and just had to have one. The grip on the S&W was like cardboard to me. I liked that little Colt almost as much as the M39. (I have had other M39s but none that I have liked as well)

In the 90's:

5. A very nice S&W6 inch 586 nickle plated with faux ivory grips with S&W Medalions. I sold this simply because I had acquired a Six Inch Python in Colt Royal Blue and couldn't see the justifcation of having two 6 inch .357 magnums (truth: One can never have enough .357s)

6. A Ruger SP101 in 9mm. Ruger even converted it to DAO for me at no charge. This one I transferred to my brother, more on a whim. At least it is still in the family.

7. An S&W Model 29, Blue with 3 inch barrel. I sold it so I could get a cheap German made single action revolver for some wild west reenacting.
Dumb, dumb, dumb BTW I still have the original Goodrich and Gould holster in almost new condition in the original plastic bag. Maybe I'll sell the holster sometime.

The 21st Century

8. A Browning Hi-Power Captain Model with tagent military sights. I sold this simply because I wanted some cash...though I really didn't need to.

I'm sure that if you have been shooting for any length of time, you too, have "ones that got away."

I guess maybe I should have avoided getting married the first time, hence no divorce, and I should watch it when I get a wild hair up my arse and decide that it really is a good idea when my head tells me that it is a bad idea and I get rid of a gun.

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