The Mass Licening Survey Launches Today!

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The survey is a data gathering tool for Comm2A and the results per se, are not published. It helps us locate trouble spots and identify individuals that we may be able to help. Because the data is empirical we're able to test the validity of many commonly held assumptions. We knew quite some time ago that Rowley was no longer "B-ramming" and from the survey we were also able to determine that, despite conventional wisdom, licensing in Boston is much easier than in many other towns and Boston actually issues far more unrestricted LTCs that is commonly believed.

It's a great information and research tool. Drawing far-reaching town-by-town conclusions is challenging because it's almost impossible to get a significant sample size across all 351 cities and towns.

It may be used for other purposes too. Especially when we need to justify a discovery request.
Filled out. Nothing interesting for me to report though from Fairhaven. Dropped off app in December, got appointment 2 days later, had license 2 months later. I know its longer than the 40 days, but compared to some who wait longer than that just for an appointment, I'm not complaining.
Haverhill MA process works like this:

1. Finish your safety course
2. Call Detective Carthell at Haverhill PD
3. Schedule your appointment (I called late March, my appt. is May 9th)
4. Bring your Application, $100 check to the interview
5. Find out the type of license you'll receive that same day
6. Unknown waiting period for License to be ready
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