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The big brown truck... again


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Jan 14, 2006
South Eastern, MA
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First off.... is it bad that i'm on a first name basis with the UPS driver? [thinking]
Anyway, I got the M91/59 Mosin Nagant I always wanted today. The M91/59 is actually the last Mosin Nagant ever made. The details and history of these rifles are sketchy. They're 91/30s that were cut down and made into carbines well after WW2, and were carried by border patrol guards and possibly put away in case a need came to arm Russian citizens. I've heard by many people that these will outshoot M38 and M44 rifles because of the cut down 91/30 barrel's better accuracy.
Complete with modified rear sight, matching numbers all around, and freshly refinished Russian goodness here she is in the hard shell rifle case the distributor sends them out it which I think is a great idea. Definitely a great addition in anyone's Mosin Nagant collection and I'm glad I got mine because Ive heard there are no more to import.
I think I'll bring it to the Fall Pumpkin shoot. I also heard they throw a mean fireball. [smile]


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That would be a sweet pic!

Hmmmmm Maybe there's a market for that... I could travel to people's houses with camera, lights, reflectors etc... And take pictures of them surrounded by their firearms!
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