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Jan 14, 2006
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Heres something I can't stand..... Dealers buying all the real good deals up the day before. [evil] I was talking to a guy I know at the last Marlboro show and he mentioned that the buying frenzy before the show officially opened was great. Nothing like the regular consumer getting the table scraps no matter how early you get there and stand in line. :?
The dealers don't buy as much as you think. And, I do just fine buying the stuff I buy. Most dealers up my way are just plain too DUMB to buy the stuff offered. I bought an M24 Mosin Nagant for $25. An M28 for $65. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to know those were steals, compared to normal prices.
Yea, and I tell you. Before the last show, there isn't a lot of time to do a lot of looking around.

They don't let you in until two hours before the show. It does take some time to bring in all that stuff and set it up.

I think that I had 15 min to run around all the tables looking for a SAA.
I thought the set up was the night before. I could have sworn I remember a dealer telling me about the buying frenzy the night, or day before a show.
Regardless I saw a good one at the last Marlboro show. I watched a guy try and haggle the price on what I think was a Cobray tec-9 style pistol. He mentioned he was a dealer and asked what his price was. The seller responded that everyone gets the same price from him no matter if they're a dealer or regular buyer. He then said how he once sold someone a gun at dealer discount and had the guy turn around and sell it for $XX more at his table.
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