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Apr 28, 2005
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I'm thinking of stopping by Springfield in a few weeks while I'm on my way to a site in Hatfield. I read in another thread that S&W has a gun shop and indoor range on their premises. Do they sell older S&W guns, or only new, production models? Any non-S&W stuff? How about they sell their stuff at list price or can you get pricing comparable to another dealer?
I was there last Friday - quite a selection of new items (no used). Great range. Staff was very friendly. They told me their pricing was usually list less 20%. I looked at a Mountain Gun in .45LC at ~$640 and a 1911sc in blue without the slide billboard script for $824. They thought only 200-300 of these were made as they are for MA only until the 1911pd makes it onto the "list". So - although no great bargins, if you are looking for a specific model they might have it in stock.
I was there yesterday, looked at lots of guns, but only bought a Safariland holster.

Nice selection, sure, but other shops in Mass. sell the same pistols cheaper.

Sometimes, though, you can find sweet deals there on used guns.
I finally stopped by there today so here's my impression of the place. First, the official name is the Smith & Wesson Shooting Sports Center. No used guns. Awesome selection of new guns. Lots of S&W merchandise and holsters for S&W guns. Everything is expensive.

The range is nice, though. I spent $25 to shoot 50 rounds of .45 ACP through a Scandium 1911 PD with laser grips. I shot really well with it but wouldn't buy it because it had numerous failure-to-fire issues.
Last time I shot at the Smith & Wesson Shooting Sports Center was to try out the then "new" SW1911, prior to it making the Roster.
Very nice modern range. At the time, they were unsure if the SW500 would be allowed on the range. Has anyone shot one on that range?
I was out there this morning to drop off a Model 39 for repair. Then went over to the store, not a bad place...prices on accessories were a little high compared to other places. The range guns that I saw looked as though they hadn't been cleaned in years [shock] SW99 had so much burnt powder residue on the muzzle that it looked baked on. Bought a high priced mag for my 910 just to make the trip worthwhile and then drove home. 8)
I just went back and re-read this thread. I grew up in Hatfield!

Anyway, the new gun prices at the S&W Factory Store are 20% below suggested retail, unless they are running a special on a particular gun. They said they do that so they don't undercut their stocking dealers. The crazy thing is, I usually see someone buying a new pistol in there, at the high prices, every time I'm in there!

The last few times I was there, they had a decent selection of used/demo handguns for sale. They had eight 10mm's (which sold FAST, a friend of mine and I bought the last two!), and a lot of samples from the engraving department. According to the manager there, they engraving department rotates it's demos frequently, and they just sell off the engraved and unfired handguns in the store, and use new ones for the demos.

They had a very nice engraved 6904, 60, and several others, all unfired, for reasonable prices. I guess you just have to hit it at the right time. I wish I had more money to spend when I was there. That 6904 would have gone home with me, along with the 1006 I got!
Bought a used Model 317 there last week after placing it on layaway. Looks like an ex-rental or well used at any rate, but it's a nice shooter and the price was pretty good. Also picked up a IWB holster for a really good price.

Great store overall, it was my first gun purchase there but I have been there several times and have always found something worth buying.
The only good things I can say about the Smith Shooting sports center is the range and the abilty to try out a gun before one decides to buy for a nominal fee. They also have a wide selection of S&W merchandise. The bad are the very high prices on everything. Though They do offer specials once or twice a year where the prices for most guns will be equal to Four Season or Ware regular prices.
My own personal beef is that the place tends to hire young college age students who know little about firearms outside the S&W line (some do), at times can be abrupt with customers, and they tend to give the high pressure sales pitch if you are just looking. The store also seems to have a high turn over rate.
Heads up.

They are having a "BIG" sale this weekend - Friday through Monday.

I alway like going to this store, prices are a little higher but with a sale it could be a good time to buy.
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