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Sig P229

Apr 9, 2006
South Eastern MA
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Picked up this little beauty about a week ago. While I was waiting for my license to go through I was firing a 226 and loved it but it was a little big for me to carry. Took a chance with the 229 in a 9mm and couldn't be happier.
Anyway here are a few pics.

A friend of mine has had one for years. Doesn't really shoot it anymore, but there is no way in hell he'd ever let her go.

Very nice little gun. Can't beat Siq quality, no sir!
Nice gun, good luck with it. VERY good photography also. Those shots look like ad quality. How about some details on the photo set-up?

I shot it with a Nikon D100 and a 28-105mm Sigma lens. 1/60 sec f/7.1 ISO 800. On board flash along with a Nikon SB-80DX AF-TTL Speedlight above to the left and just behind the gun's slide. Actually surprised me how they came out. And thanks all for the comments.
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I shoot a D100 also. The big shot camera people say its obsolete but it keeps doing a great job for me. Do you like the Sigma glass and is it a macro lens? I usually stick with only Nikon but I've been thinking about an "all purpose" lens to take hiking and out to the range for some live shots. Sigma and Tamron make the range I'm looking for...

The Sigmas' aren't bad for the price. Not as sharp as a Nikkor or as fast with the AF but all and all they work ok. I was thinking of trying a Sigma 300mm for sports photography, at almost 2 grand less than the Nikon I figure it's worth a try. I haven't heard anything either way about the Tamron but their prices are also appealing.

I have the 70-300 Sigma. It's soft out at distance and it's slow so it's not
too good for action shots. It's inexpensive though and it gets a pretty good
rating for what it costs. I have the non "DG" (digital coating version) as I
bought it before they came out with the DG coating. For the price it's not a
bad lens. Don't expect it to be a 70-200 Nikon though ($1600).


No joke about the pics they look fantastic. The 229 is my everyday carry and I could'nt be happier. zBest part was getting pre-ban mags was pretty easy.
I did change the grips on mine to Hogue rubber grips, it gave it a much more comfortable feel to it. I really don't like SIG's standard grips.
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