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Shooting, lockdowns, manhunt in Saco, ME today

Up here it’s normal to see town, state, wardens and sheriff response.
Yesterday a brand new Suburban from the Border Patrol was yanking out some nitwit from NJ who attempted to drive down Mountain View Rd that is snowmobile trail in the winter.

His big bad F350 never even made it thru the snow banking. 😂
This happens down the road from my house. Rec trail parking lot they don’t plow in the winter for snowmobiles. One time I’m riding and this guy with a big truck trailer combo from MA was buried in packed snow up to the running boards. He was a total cocksucker when I asked if he wanted help. He ended up being a little friendlier when I came back thru 2 hours later. Turns out he was a state cop…
Not saying these perps are part of this but...the Mills administration is welcoming illegals with open arms and is renting entire motels with stupid amounts of taxpayer money to house them in - which said illegals then proceed to trash.
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