Savage .22 Rifle

Looks like an attempt to copy a 10/22 or a marlin 60. You could get
the marlin for less than that new and for really cheap money used, or
a 10/22 could be found used for about that and you would have
a great platform for upgrading. I would also pass on the scope package
and buy your own online and get a nicer one for the same money. But
that's just me, and this only applies if you want an auto...

Ancient proverb say: "He who buys a $98 rifle will soon look to upgrade."
Buy a Ruger 10/22 (on sale now at a popular Woburn gun shop) and at least have a decent upgrade path. You will not regret it.

Honestly, I am all for cheap guns. I have a weekness for unloved
oldies that can be had for dirt cheap. My favorite shotgun is not
my Benelli M1Super90 worth $800, it's the $20 single shot 20
gauge that just feels great in my hands. So...If you want a cheap gun,
go for it, but you best bet there is a used "classic". Gun shops
can't get rid of these things so there is often room to move.

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