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Safe lighting project


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Nov 28, 2009
So I am gearing up to build a lighting setup for my safe thats a little different than usual. My plan is to install a multi color SMD led strip inside the safe with a dip switch to turn on and off and on the door or side of the safe I will have an arduino in a case with a pressure switch that kicks on an led to illuminate the lock as well as having breakout boards for humidity and lumens. The thought is you can tap the case and it will light up the lock as you try to enter the safe. Depending on the progammed lumens it will either light up white for daytime or red if its dark and it will vary the blend of the two inbetween. The same goes for the lock light. The humidity sensor can let me know if there is an issue with the dehumiditifer and be an analog check for the humidity level. All of this will be powered off the wall with a battery backup. I've been looking for an electronics project to get into an I think this may be it. Keep posted!
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