S&W 5946 date?


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Mar 9, 2008
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Could somebody with the S&W book look up the date for my 5946 that I just purchased. The serial begins with TEYxxxx and it has the square trigger guard. Pic's can be seen in Jan acquisitions.

The Standard Catalog of Smith and Wesson shows the serial number range TEP-TFA for 1990. However they also note that it is impossible to know the exact year of production because in many cases a serial number range was broken up over several years. Also, the 5946 wasn't introduced until 1991. You can always write to S&W and for a fee they will give you the history of your gun.
Yeah.........I'll keep my $50.

Thanks for looking up the serial in the S&W book.
Very nice looking 5946, first I've seen with the squared trigger guard. If you ever want to sell it.......
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