S and w recalls all response rifles made prior to feb 12 2024

"Smith & Wesson has identified a condition where, if the bolt were to fail to fully close, and the trigger is pulled, an out of battery discharge may occur. An out of battery discharge could potentially rupture an unsupported case, venting gas through the magazine well and upper receiver, and possibly fracturing a portion of the receiver.
We ask that you stop using your rifle immediately until it has been inspected and repaired as necessary."
From the safety recall: “Only Response Rifles manufactured prior to February 12, 2024 are included in this Consumer Safety Alert.”
LOL, the word “only” with a date that was just a week ago and prior…..
Sooo….like all of them.

Thanks S&W

I almost bought one. Then I held it at the store. I gave it back and said “no thank you”
Someone should tell people what the fix is. It is probably something stupid simple.

I wouldn't want to ship a gun back to those morons at SW.
I got caught up in a S&W recall when they wanted 6 years of PPK/s production returned. I lucked out sort of as I just bought mine. I didn't even fire it yet but when I bought it they had a buy one and get two free mags coupon going on. The day the recall was put on their website was the day I went to it to claim the mags so I sent for the return label. How they handled it and probably how this one will go is first come, first serve.

When I bought it I knew going in that many were problematic but I did a lot of reading and the best I could come up with were 3 possibilities. The return spring was inserted backwards with the tight end forward, the ammunition was wrong and should be 90-100 grain, FMJ and/or the ramp needed polishing. The first two were easy enough and I was going to polish the ramp but then the recall happened. They said on the phone to place a note in the box as to why it was returned so I took a chance and wrote recall and ramp needed polishing. Even though mine was one of the first returned, it took a couple months to get it back. They said the delay was do to getting replacement parts (and probably to train a temp group of people to do the replacements) but still, mine was also one of the first to be shipped back to the consumer.

When I did get it back, the ramp looked like a mirror. Not a mark on the PPK/s except the stamped dot on the top of the beaver tail to signify the recall was complete. I love that little guy, aims like a laser, never had any failure of any kind no matter how loosely you hold it and no problem to get all blacks at 10 yards rapid. I use S&B, FMJ .380's. I think European runs hotter than USA ammunition in .380's. I use ammunition that a gun was designed for and that basic design is 100 years old. I should mention that it is the only pistol I have that I exclusively shoot right handed due to the decocker position, I'm left handed but I do use both hands with pistols, takes a bit of practice.

From peoples postings at the time, especially the late to the party people, they weren't to pleased as to what they got back.
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