REVIEW: Allen Shooters Carry All Range Bag

May 2, 2005
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This past Saturday, I had gone into Four Seasons to check out some accessories. Of course, not having a 'real' range bag I checked to see what they had. They did have some nice things, but to me paying $60+ for a nylon bag just seems wrong. So I left without one.

Later in the day, I had to go into K-Mart to pick up a few things. While there, I walked through the luggage section to see if they had anything suitable for range duty, but they did not. So I made my way to the sporting goods section, and checked to see what they had for shooting accessories (the K-Mart in my town has been pretty good at having shooting accessories in stock).

There they were, a pile of range bags. Not very big range bags, but I think it was Chris who cautioned that a very large range bag would just keep filling up, so I was in the market for a smaller bag anyway. I took it to the price check scanner and thought I misread the scanner when it came back saying the bag only costs a mere $20

In the first picture, you see the side of the bag.
The bag is made out of heavy weight canvass construction with rigid bottom, and fully padded bottom, sides, and top. You can also see the hard plastic feet to prevent wear on the bottom of the bag.

The second picture shows a top view of the bag while closed.
You can see the quick open zippered top, with dual zippers that create a nice wide opening. The web handles with Velcro fastener to hold the handles together.

The next picture shows a very cool feature of the bag.
The included gun rugs. This bag comes with 2 padded pistol rugs, made out of the same heavy weight canvass material on the outside, and soft faux sheep skin material on the inside to prevent damage to the guns finish.

This picture shows the pistol rug stowed in the pistol rug compartment.
The pistol rugs store inside compartments along each side of the bag, secured by a Velcro closure to prevent the pistol rugs from coming out.

Additional pistol rug features.
One nice additional feature of the included pistol rugs, is that they open all the way, and are also intended to be used as gun mats while on the range. Here is a picture of the pistol rugs, one open as a gun mat, the other closed.

Detail of the pistol rugs.
As you can see in the next picture, while opened and used as a gun mat, the pistol rugs are plenty big enough to accommodate 2 full sized firearms, with accessories while on the range.

Lets put this baby through a simulated trip to the range, and see how it performs.
All loaded up for a nice long range session. With plenty of room to spare.

That doesn't look like much stuff, how much is really in there?
Lets see.

What was in the bag:
300 rounds of 40S&W
300 rounds of 45ACP
85 8.5X11 paper targets
4 1911 magazines
4 Walther P99 magazines
Electronic hearing protection
Standard hearing protection (I like to have a backup)
2 pairs of shooting glasses (again I like to have a backup)
zip-loc bag with 300 or so cleaning patches
Cleaning rod
40S&W brass cleaning jag
45ACP brass cleaning jag
Double sided cleaning brush
8 OZ bottle of M-PRO7 cleaner
2 OZ bottle of MILTEC-1
Package of foam ear plugs (nice to have if the range is busy)
Full size PowerShot staple gun
Cable lock (gotta be legal in transit)
Trigger lock (again don't wanna lose my 'privilege')
Full size Walther P99
Commander size Para Ordnance 1911
And still had room to spare...

Final thoughts:
For price, size, options, capacity, and quality I give the Allen Shooters Carry All Range Bag...

Thanks for the compliments..

As for the K-Mart... One town over dreppucci007. In the Billerica mall.

1. Kmart store 70 WORCESTER ROAD (508) 943-9540

2. Kmart store 124 MEDWAY RD (508) 478-2510

3. Kmart store 140 WHALON ST (978) 345-7362

4. Kmart store 252 MAIN ST (978) 263-7756
#7104 ACTON, MA

5. Kmart store WILBRAHAM ROAD (413) 283-7635
#9255 PALMER, MA
If I'm not mistaken, these are also available at Wal-Mart. The one I got a few years ago was a "Hoppe's" bag, but exactly the same set-up, including the rugs. I think it was also around $20.00. Works great for IDPA or any normal range session.

The only negative about these bags is the fact that they aren't lockable - there's a dual zipper which is nice, but no way to lock it. This would tend to make some folks think they can just throw a trigger lock on the gun inside the gun rug, and all is fine - but it's not. You still need to transport in a "locked container", even if it is a fabric case that can be locked. Of course, if you transport in a "locked trunk", you should be all set (maybe).

I've seen several people show up at the range with trigger-locked firearms on the back seat inside a unlocked gun case, thinking they're good to go. Not true - unless I'm not reading the regs correctly.

USMA-82 said:
I've seen several people show up at the range with trigger-locked firearms on the back seat inside a unlocked gun case, thinking they're good to go. Not true - unless I'm not reading the regs correctly.

I'm going to ask in Gun Laws section.
It appears that you have brought up a good point. I do see a solution for the problem. A low cost resolution...

I'll see if I can get it worked out tonight, and I will report back with pictures and the process..

You just picked up a range bag, it meets all your needs, seems to be put together well, and is the right price. However, a someone points out that with the Commiewealth of Massachusetts F'D up gun laws your new range bag could get you in trouble with John Law, and very possibly lose your 'privilege' to own guns EVER again. (many thanks for the heads-up)

You gotta make this bag lock to meet the letter of the law, you are impatient, and don't want to spend any more money.

Here's what you do....

First, you rummage around the computer/gun room to find these baby's that have been sitting around since you needed to construct your photo backdrop.


Then you cut 2 small holes in the perfectly placed side pocket of your new range bag and install them.


Then you simply slide one of the extra cable locks you have laying around through both of your 2 new grommets. (these ones were left over from the "Free Gun Lock Raffle/Giveaway" Thanks Derek)


Then you thread the cable through the holes that the manufacture supplied in the ends of the zipper handles.


And your new range bag is secure!

So, the bag is locked, using a Massachusetts approved cable lock, through 2 reinforced grommets, through the ends of the manufacture supplied zipper handles. Once secured, the zippers cannot be moved, allowing access to the insides of the bag.

Do you think this will satisfy the letter of the law?

Do you think I am off my rocker and just ruined my new range bag?

Adam, perfectly fine.

I was at Wal-Mart in Walpole today. They have a small Allen bag (behind the ammo counter) for $20. Probably the same one you bought. Too small for me, I'd need one with wheels! [roll]

BTW, "Massachusetts approved gun locks" are TOTALLY IRRELEVANT to the end-user! That requirement is ONLY on FFLs that sell guns, not on the gun owner. You and I can use any kind of lock we'd like and it meets the law. Dealers must sell each gun with a "Massachusetts approved gun lock", however. Just think of Ch. 180 as an "anti-FFL Law" and you'll be on the right track.
USMA-82 said:
I've seen several people show up at the range with trigger-locked firearms on the back seat inside a unlocked gun case, thinking they're good to go. Not true - unless I'm not reading the regs correctly.


I thought that you could use either a trigger lock on the weapon OR lock the bag. But didn't need both. I am one of "those guys" with the gun bag in the back of the SUV with no separate locking trunk.
So this is illegal ? I know if the bag is locked you dont need a trigger lock on the weapons inside but I allways preferred the trigger lock thinking it was much better.
I am confused now.......
I just posted a long treatise on this today. Please do a search. I don't really know where I posted it, but the Gun Laws forum is a good bet.
OK, they had an Allen Shooter's Bag at Walmart in Amherst, NH. It's similar to the one Adam got, but it had only 1 rug and more pockets/pouches and a stowable mesh basket for holding shotgun shells. The price was $19.87. It also had a shoulder strap with a eye loop on it. So, can anyone tell me, according to our moronic laws, this case is locked and secured, even though the knife in the picture could cut through the bag itself or the little loop the lock is in?


More pics:



I give it a BIG THUMBS UP!

Ask yourself - could a 5 year old open the bag when it's locked that way, and grab your gun? If not, it's good to go.

Sure you could cut through it with a knife - nothing in the regs about the locked container being "knife-proof". That's why I can haul my AK and FAL around in fabric Galati International cases no prob.

As always, though, I defer to our resident legal eagles if they disagree...

You gotta love this state. You GOTTA!!!!. If you don't, you'll cry. [roll]

I guess, since I only have one gun anyways (right now [wink] ), and an ALP, I could just as easily forget about the bag lock and carry the gun concealed to the range -- problem solved.
Adam_MA said:
Or when you get more handguns, simply place them in your waistband for the ride to the range!


I think you're being semi tounge in cheek, but I'd imagine that as long as the guns are "under the direct control" of the Class A holder, you could technically pull this off (god, I wish I had that problem). But, in this hypothetical situation, how would that work? I can see this being done with an ALP, as long as you're, say, concealing all those toys with a loose t-shirt over them. But, the "under the direct control" clause refers to the Class A in general, so how would someone with restrictions who can't conceal carry multiple unlocked handguns in a car, or one for that matter, "under their direct control"? I know we have no laws against open carry, but it seems to be the concensus that you don't even attempt it, let alone allow a concealed gun to become visible to the general public, for fear of "the worst".

BTW -- I'm curious about that Para 1911 in your review. Is that the LTC that was for sale at Four Seasons around New Year's Eve? If not, it's identical. Funny thing is, I went there and almost bought that particular gun, but decided that I was already pushing the envelope as a newbie by buying a centerfire auto as a first gun. So, I decided a single action .45 wasn't the best choice (and that I'd treat myself to one NEXT New Year's Eve), and so settled on a P99 exactly like the one in your review. I.E. -- your quiver of guns looks exactly like the one I had lined up.

For someone with an LTCA/ALP the way I discussed would work. For someone with ANY restrictions on their license they would be in violation if the attempted that. You said you had an ALP, so that's why I suggested it. :D

As for the Para... Yes it is an LTC, but not the one they had a FS. Funny thing though, right around that time I educated a customer that was in the shop looking at it, and wasn't sure. I talked to him about the features of the gun, and gave it my approval, in turn closing the sale for them. Hmmm shouldn't I have gotten a commission or something??? :D

I've had my Para since the summer, and I can't say enough great things about it. 100% reliable, and a pleasure to shoot.

On the same note, I wouldn't trade my P99 for ANYTHING! I absolutely LOVE my Walther.

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