Reloading for surplups

Dec 27, 2005
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I recently realized the supply of military surplus ammo isn't going to last forever and it was time to plan for the future of shooting and still keep it affordable. Owning an RCBS Rockchucker for many years(70's) i looked at the prices of their dies in military calibers and realized i really can't afford to spend that much $$$ right now. I found out that the LEE dies fit my press. I purchased the 308 LEE RGB Dies first for $9. I reloaded 6,000rds of 308 FMJ without a hitch with no problems at all. Since then i purchased all my military calibers in the LEE Dies in the Pacesetter series too besides the RGB dies. I found their measuring cups that cost $5 are very helpful too. I also purchased the hand primer and the primer for the press too it primes on the down stroke rather than the up stroke on the RCBS press. I got my LEE equipment from they also give a dealers discount for C&RFFL holders too. I think its good to plan ahead for the future so we can continue to shoot cheap. I do enjoy shooting a mix of new ammo, surplus ammo and reloaded ammo right now but it can end at anytime the surplus supply won't last forever. But we can still shoot more for less if we plan for it now.
reloading Milsurps

Big Bill i just left you a note on the K-31Craze article you wrote!!
in refrance to that caliber and all outher .30 caliber,s (.308) i just want to
tell you about a deal i just got, and thay deliver to Mass if anyone needs
that info like me! but anyway the 7.5x55 swiss loves 150gr bullets (fmj)
and i just bought 3000 military pulls for $98.00+$20.00S/H i got them
from xxxxxxx (redacted by LenS - Mod, info can be used by AG's goon squad to shut down another dealer/distributor - NO mention of gun/ammo/mag/knife vendors who will ship to MA allowed in public forums!) thay advertized 155gr @ $55.00per1000 but when i called on the phone i asked about any special deal on 1500? then he said how about98for3000 i said A-OK!!! thay have .223--308--50Cal its a mil-Surps-Reloader,s Heaven AMEN
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