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Jun 21, 2006
Between the Rock and Bridge, MA
A friend of mine submitted this-

February 01, 2010Although the Rev. Dr. Kent Moorehead makes a compelling case against firearms — "Without guns, no mass murders," in a recent My View — I strongly disagree with his piece.

The Second Amendment was included in the Bill of Rights to ensure that political figures, with all the power we give them after an election, cannot declare themselves king and declare martial law without due process and good reason. "A well-regulated militia" is not the National Guard or any uniform military in the employment of our government. It is people like us.

Furthermore, I believe I reserve the right to defend my family, myself and my property against all those who would do harm to any of those. I am a spiritual man, a law-abiding citizen and a veteran. I believe in the power of prayer, but also believe God expects me to act on my own behalf.

I believe in our men and women police officers who put their lives on the line every day to protect and serve us, but they cannot be everywhere at all times. Law-abiding citizens have prevented more crime and saved more lives than criminals have taken. It is rarely newsworthy. You can check those facts with the FBI. They maintain a national crime and crime prevention data base.

I sympathize with victims and victims' families. I watch the news and anguish; even though I have experienced tragedy, I cannot comprehend the evil that lies within human beings. I wish we lived in a more evolved society, but we do not. I wish in my lifetime we could be a society without the need for firearms, police, or military. Unfortunately we never will.

Moorehead says no apologies are needed for "reasonable gun control" such as waiting periods and background checks. But gun laws are irrelevant to criminals — they just keep the guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens who would be put off by the process. Criminals buying guns out of someone's trunk aren't subject to waiting periods and background checks.

Human beings are violent by nature, and I wish that were not the case. Firearms do make it easier for disturbed people to commit murder, but I am not willing to give up my right, given to me by the founding fathers of our country — who, I might add, were far wiser than we. Remember, the Bill of Rights has not been altered in 218 years (as of Dec. 15).

As for Moorehead's contention that firearms enabled the Fort Hood shooter to carry out his killings, the Oklahoma City bombings, the 9/11 attacks and many other incidents prove there are many ways to commit an atrocious crime without guns.

Until we reach a higher plateau as a species in the manner of our respect for each other, I will always believe in the right to bear arms. We already have all the gun control laws on the books and do not need to apologize for them.

Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, Pot, Castro, Hussein, ayatollahs and countless others who imposed their will on people without means of defending themselves were for banning firearms among their citizens.

In "The Federalist Papers," James Madison wrote that the Constitution preserves "the advantage of being armed which Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation ... (where) the governments are afraid to trust the people with arms."

Shawn P. Dougherty lives

in West Yarmouth.


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Sep 9, 2005
"Without guns, no mass murders,"

What utter crap. Has this learned Reverend Doctor ever heard of Rwanda? Or Uganda? How many thousands were hacked or beaten to death there?

Richard Speck didn't need a gun; just mindlessly compliant victims. EIGHT of them. The Hillside Strangler was called that for a reason - and it WASN"T use of firearms. How about the serial killer murdering migrant farm workers in CA? No gun needed. Or the hobo/murderer who went on a multi-state spree, breaking into homes near the tracks and killing the occupants. No firearm needed.

If the general citizens have no means of defending themselves and their families, aggressors don't NEED guns for any reason than ease and efficiency. Machetes, clubs, knives and burning buildings will work just fine.
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