Question: Repacking long term preps.


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Mar 23, 2006
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Long story made short; I'm repacking a few buckets of rice. When I opened them the contents were still good. I see no reason to discard several hundred lbs of rice. The buckets got stepped on by a tradsman, lids were cracked, inner Mylar bags held their seal. The dessicant packs haven't changed color so they're still good. However the O2 absorber packs are all rock hard. When they went on they were pliable. Is this normal or should they be replaced ?

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Screw it. Just ordered new O2 absorbers. Not gonna take chances.
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I would replace the O2 absorbers if you are opening the mylar to get the food into new buckets. Yes, "used" absorbers get hard. You may be able to just take any other bags of food from one bucket, sealed, and put it into a new bucket. I have had buckets break when moving or simply having them stacked too "high" so there was too much weight on the bottom bucket.
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