Will a Honda Generator be supported long term?


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Nov 14, 2010
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I've been thinking about purchasing a Honda generator for JIC situations. However a recent thread has me thinking things over.

The above thread points to Honda leaving the lawn mower business. Does this mean they will be getting out of the generator business also? How fast do you think?

The Honda is quite well reviewed in bboth the NES community and the Ham radio community so it is my first choice to power my furnace, fridge and freezer. But it they are going to drop support, I should probably consider something with longer term support.
I have honda EU2000's that are 2008 builds that start on the first pull

I have 2 others that I have discussed constantly on this board a 2000 companion and a 2000 that I tether

I also have a 3500 and 5500 watt full blown generator

None have ever needed a thing and they all have hundreds of hours on them

Do the valve adjustments per the manual, change the oil, drain the carbs when storing and they will run forever

I just had my neighbors 2000i in my garage for service, stored lots of years with gas in it.... popped the carb, pulled the main jet, dug the varnish out, re-installed, gave it a bath in carb cleaner, fresh fuel, started on the second pull

They are indestructible.
One thing that I did notice was that replacement shortblock engines to repair the EU3000is generators no longer are being made. Whether that's because of planned obsolescence or because they want you to buy a new model I'm not sure of.
The engines on Honda generators are fairly indestructible but you have to be careful of the generator heads and the inverters. If anything goes wrong with that end of it, you might as well junk it. The generator heads are special 3 phase units and the inverter modules although fairly bulletproof are ridiculously expensive.
I doubt that the lawn mower businesses is profitable enough for Honda. They are middle of the road machines and people tend to look for a bargain when lawnmower shopping.
Their generators are some of the most popular and expensive on the market. A generator is your SHTF necessity. A lawn mower, not so much.
Is Honda completely getting out of the lawn mower business? will they still be making lawnmower engines for Toro etc?

I have a Troy belt with a Honda engine and I've always considered it a Honda lawnmower.

Is it just a Honda branded lawnmowers that will be gone?
They make engines for everyone, they are just getting out of the consumer lawn care business.

They will continue making 4 stroke engines for others until they are forced out of it by the EPA
Honda announced recently they are getting out of the lawn mower business

This is a real bummer. Best lawnmower I have ever had is a Honda. Beat the crap of it for close to 10 years and it still starts on first pull every time and goes. Changed the oil a few times and the plug once. Blow out the air filter with compressed air a few times a year. It's a real shame they are getting out of the business of lawn mowers.
I hope they'll be around. I just a bought a EM5000SX a few weeks ago from Farina's Power Equipment in Watertown. The electrician who wired the transfer switch and outlet said to get a Honda. He said I don't make any money on Generators, I just tell people what to buy and let them decide.
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