Plans for the 4th?

Mar 9, 2005
Haverhill, MA
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In fond rememberance of our founding fathers and the birth of this nation, hubby and I are going shooting. :D He's also marching in the Sudbury parade on Monday with the Sudbury Minutemen. Depending on the temp, I may stay home.
My family and I are going to N.H. to visit the mother in law and the rest of the family. I'm sure I'll get the lecture on "Why do you need a gun?" again.

But hey they are flaming sheeple liberals so it's to be expected. [roll]
Fiance Patrick and I are going shooting too. I'm picking up my new rifle on Friday so we'll be breaking that in.

And by "we" I meant, I'll let him get a round or two in while I go for a pee break [twisted]
I have the whole weekend off!!!!!!!!

We'll do the customary fireworks thing, probably down in Plymouth along White Hoss Beach. My girlfriend just got her shooting coat from Creedmoor, so we HAVE to drag that baby out and see how it works. Both she and I haven't had our ARs out to play in a long time, so I believe I'll be sitting down at the reloading bench for a while this evening.
At the conclusion of each days' shooting/festivities, you can bet we'll be hoistin' a few to celebrate the Glorious Fourth and pay tribute to those noble old gents who put everything on the line for what they thought was right!!!!!
(The Amazing) CJC
Lynne said:
JonJ said:
derek said:
Good to see you back Jon! :D
Thanks Derek....I'm feeling better!

Were you sick, or suffering from withdrawal. :D

Feeling sick....Had a tooth that got infected (one that had a partial root canal) last Friday. Over the weekend it spread to 4 teeth! It was in the front of my face. My top lip and nose hurt sooooo freaking bad. Got the anti B's, painkillers and yesterday it finally broke and began draining. Not nice...But I did make it back to work today and I can eat. Still feeling ucky but the pain and swelling is gone.
Thanks for the concern everyone [wink]
Not too much. Proberly a cook out at the house. Wife has to work all weekend (joy on management) so it's me and my son (he's 3) all weekend. :) Do some playing outside and inside (trains) and watch the race of course. Proberly walk over to "grandpa's" house. Pretty quiet most likely. Proberly finish up new 10/22 project too hopefully.
I'll be fishing for parts this weekend and if I find them, putting my front end of my Jeep back together.

Saturday, going to the Range with My brother in law before he leaves for Iraq. Then going to another friends house to help with some bushes and drink beer by the pool.

Spending Sunday Day not sure, but Sunday night we'll be in Franklin at the fireworks. Father in law in on the Department, so he can usually get us up close to the display.

And yes, food. I'm sure that I'll be maning a grill somewhere each night.

And Glad Jon that you're feeling better. Tooth aches are not fun.
Today and Saturday cleanup and shopping for a BBQ here on Sunday with a group of brain-washed liberal friends of my Wife . . . we don't usually talk politics as I tend to piss on their parade when they start the typical Bush bashing. They went spastic a couple of times when we got to another of their events a few minutes late because we had to stop at home and drop off the guns/equipment after a SAS shoot/meeting before heading to their get-together. They really weren't pleased to learn that my Wife is a member and shoots too! [twisted]

Monday we've been invited to one of their homes (the most sensible of the bunch) in Bellingham to watch the fireworks from their backyard.

So, unfortunately no shooting this weekend.
We're taking it easy this weekend,next weekend we are having a big bash for Alan's going away. See how he does since Wed. I have to take him to Torrington,CT to have all 4 of his wisdom teeth pulled before he deploys. Poor kid.
MrsWildweasel said:
We're taking it easy this weekend,next weekend we are having a big bash for Alan's going away. See how he does since Wed. I have to take him to Torrington,CT to have all 4 of his wisdom teeth pulled before he deploys. Poor kid.

They decided to extract one of mine in boot camp. I, of course, had no say in the matter. Yanked it out, gave me motrin and 30 minutes later I was running a boots-and-utes.
Uncle decided all 4 have to come out before he deploys. We have a 7 am appointment,woohoo for me. It's an hour and a half drive to boot. I was like they couldn't find someplace around Springfield. Oh well uncles paying it not us. I'm hoping it goes easy on him.
A tip for having wisdom teeth pulled:

I had to have all 4 of mine yanked when I was 15. They hadn't even made their way through the jaw yet, but were growing impacted. Needless to say I had to be cut, and my jaw bone split open in all 4 locations to get them out. My dentist gave me a tip ahead of time...
There is a natural enzyme in pineapple that prevents bruising. What you do is cut up 2 fresh pineapples (they have to be fresh) and have Alan eat both pineapples spreading them out for the 2 days before the procedure. I tell you what, I have seen other people including my sister who had hers out after I did, and had a much less invasive procedure to have hers removed, who was terribly swollen and bruised, but I made it through my entire recovery with very minimal swelling, and NO bruising at all! I know the bruising is mostly cosmetic, but it helps you feel better much faster if you don't have to look at black and blue cheeks for the next week...

Hope this helps...


Ps. Please tell Alan that I send my best wishes, and sincere THANK YOU for his service!
Damn, all 4 wisdom teeth at once. That does not sound like a fun time at all. I hope that goes smoothly.

My wife and I will be shooting, kayaking and/or biking this weekend. In no particular order. We want to get one of her rifles sighted in for some silhouette practice next week.
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