Pennsylvania Man Bangs With High-Power METE 🚔🚨

Finally gang members showing a little class

Hes close to master level


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Daquan just beat his Trafficking Cocaine charge. I wonder how he feels about the new Gun Laws we are going to pass....

That case currently hinges on a hearing before the Supreme Judicial Court on his attorney's request to throw out the cocaine police officers found on him because they allegedly made him take down his underwear before they had proof he might be carrying the cocaine in his groin area. The judge in the case ruled they shouldn't have done that and ruled the cocaine inadmissible as evidence; Suffolk County prosecutors have appealed.
No, it is a CANIK.

1. My brother in law is an unimpressed mediocre gunsmith that specializes in those. Yeah. He's a Meh Canik.

2. The guy should be arrested for having something like 8 different kinds of ammo in that thing - including a setback case that could k'boom that baby.
Acknowledgment that mismatched ammo is used by “street level” criminals has become ubiquitous, it even has been referenced in tv shows

it adds to the confirmation bias that a shooting was performed by generic hoodlum…just as the responses above imply that the NES members could be goaded into implicating themselves simply by implying that their crime was committed with a magazine packed with mismatched rounds and fired from a gun that is for “the poors”.
You guys don't load different rounds in your mags? I usually load 3 types of ammo:
First third of the mag will be hollow points for stopping power
Second third will be ball ammo. I figure if I'm this far down the mag and still having an issue, he's got some cover that needs defeating.
Last third will be tracers to let me know to change my mags before I run dry.
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