Oh man!!!

There's got to be a catch somewhere. The Euro is currently going for about $1.23, which means that the M2-HB (980 Euros) would cost about $1200, roughly the same as a high-end 1911. The PPSh'41 would be about $145, and the Navy Thompson about $500. What do I have to do in order to qualify as an "international" customer????? I don't care whether I can bring them back to the states; I'll visit them for long periods of time anywhere I can get away with it. I've got some friends with good connections in the Czech government.

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Forget it! I tried the import thing and there are too much hoops to jump through, not only a form 6 but you need to start a corp etc.. and the govt. there will not allow for export so you need to use a "friendly country" etc.. etc.. I have pictures of a gun show in Belgium I just attended in Mar. and to look at the tables of machine guns makes one sick that nothing can be done with them.
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