Office of "Gun Violence" Prevention?

Aug 6, 2021
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shouldnt this new commission be called the "Office of Violence Prevention"? for the actual people who do the actual violence? gun/knife/baseball bat/crowbar/hammer/foot-stomping/sucker punching, etc, the people are doing it.

they get away with making it look like they care about people's safety, but it is really showing their hatred of guns, but they wont be called out on it of course. skull bashing with a baseball bat or a crowbar, foot stomping while on the ground, etc, doesnt count.
If they cared about any of that s*** they would actually just incarcerate multiple violent offenders. A lot of these s*** bags that travel through the system are like two or three times offenders with some kind of a weapon being involved. Then they only do time once they kill someone. Like after the second one they should just be f****** done and disappear. Robbed 2 different people with a gun or knife over 10 yrs? Done. Jail. Go away. Get f***ed. Nobody will cry that they're gone. Same thing with diddlers. I am aware of a diddler POS down the street that should have been locked up for life after the 2nd conviction. This wasn't just "having CP" but was actually caught touching kids twice. 🤮 they should basically disappear after that.
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