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Northern Vermont Shooting clubs - St Albans and Berkshire Vermont

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Aug 8, 2017
Franklin County Vermont
Been beating the sugarbush and came up with two local clubs with decent ranges.

St. Albans - http://www.scfcvt.org/ Looks like a decent range. Indoor pistol and archery. Outdoor rifle, pistol and archery. $50 per person per year

Berkshire - Missisquoi Valley Sportsman's Club No phone number. PO box 636 Enosburg Falls, VT 05450. 100 yard rifle, 25 yard pistol. Both outdoor. Located in East Berkshire, VT. No rapid fire/Machine gun. Rifle on rifle range, pistol only on pistol range. $45.00 per family per year. Stellar deal. Fee includes a picnic in August.
Will upload applications for 2017 shortly.

Link to picture of application:

Link to picture of waiver:
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