NJ Databasing Ammo

Jan 19, 2021
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I heard NJ new laws now requires sellers to database the purchase, which includes your ID and address? Hmmm, fake ID and cash sounds about right.
What about that new micro-stamping requirement?

The commies are loud and clear.
I remember everything. (except maybe what happened yesterday). Yes, your ammo purchase was "registered" for a while. Finally they saw that no ammo sale ever led to solving a crime so they dropped it. a**h***s. Jack.
I'm surprised they were willing to admit that.

Similar thing was going on in MD iirc. Each new pistol purchased had to provide a fired case to the MSP which was cataloged and tied to the buyer. Million dollar a year program that I wanna say went on for 6 years before it was discontinued. By their own admission it never contributed to solving a single crime.
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