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one-eyed Jack
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Oct 23, 2019 at 7:10 AM
Apr 12, 2006
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one-eyed Jack

Manufacturer, from Eastern Mass and southern NH

Dealer NES Member
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Viewing latest content, Oct 23, 2019 at 7:10 AM
    1. elendil004
      Hey there, I heard you might be able to or might know someone who can find me a 14" remington 870 police magnum with pistolgrip and stock. I know it'd take a form 4 and 200 dollar tax stamp and all that, that's not what my issue's been. My issue is that nobody seems to be able to even price one out for me let alone find me one. Thank you.
    2. Shooter McGavin
      Shooter McGavin
      Thanks again for sending me a copy of the BATF CD-ROM... Much Appreciated.
    3. michaelbowers
      Thanks, Jack, for taking me shooting all those times back in the 1970's. Your family was very generous with your time. It all had a great impact on my adult life. No kidding...

      -Mike Bowers
      It was great to meet you at the car shoot Jack! Thanks for letting me play with all your full auto .45 stuff and your silenced Ruger and shotgun. I put 300 rounds of .45 down range from your hardware! My wife really enjoyed the Ruger, she wants one..... My wife says to tell you that she got a kick out of talking with you.
    5. jwilson
      thank you Jack!! I loved the Thompson
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    07 FFL


    I'm the oldest one-eyed machine gun dealer with a license to tell fortunes east of the Mississippi! Too many licenses and permits to list. Member of Goal, NRA, Harvard, Nashoba, Concord clubs. NRA and Mass certified instructor. 07 FFL and SOT.