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New match upper on the way..................

Jun 16, 2005
Satuit, MA
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Well, I bit the bullet and opened my wallet.
I ordered a flat top match upper from White Oak Precision, delivery can be expected in 8 or 9 weeks.
26 inch freefloated stainless Kreiger barrel, 1X7.
Also got the Handle-on-carrier option as I wanna be squared away if I change to an adjustable buttstock.
Got it all black, no wild colors....(I'd rather concern myself with turning in a decent score and not showing off the artsy, creative, and expressive inner me.)
I'm looking at the Scott Riles front sight in 22mm.
Don't quite know what I'll get for a rear sight yet. Lots to look at. Warner, RPA, Centra. Phoenix Precision looks well built and I've read a few articles about them.
Reckon they'll let me in at Reading if I got this kind of hardware?
You'll be good to go at Reading Cledus. Let me know when you are geared up and ready to go.
Cledus J. Crabb said:
You don't realize how you just inspired me to open my wallet a little wider and go for a new Kowa 821 and stand........maybe even a mat!

It's going to get expensive. www.jarheadtop.com is a good place for Kowa scopes. Jim can set you up with a payment plan if you want to spread out the price over 4 months.
My Ray Vin scope stand and Kowa 821M/27X just arrived this week. I took the combo along with a "used" target down to the highschool track, hung the target on the fence on one end of the field and looked at it with the scope at various distances. I could see the .22 bullet holes way out past the 200 yd. mark, which made me happy.
Called O K Weber this afternoon and ordered my sights for the match upper as well.
Hope I can get this deal squared away without goin' too far into the hole.
Still hafta get a mat and stool yet.
Does the madness ever end?
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