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More SKS Info

Discussion in 'Mil Surp Collectors' started by SKS Ray, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. SKS Ray

    SKS Ray Moderator NES Member

    Jan 14, 2006
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    South Eastern, MA
    If someone can sticky this below the SKS thread I made it might save some sanity for a few folks cleaning these beauties.[smile]
    One thing that has always given SKS onwners problems is bolt re-assembly.
    Not so much the procedure as long as you get the alignment of the firing pin correct so the retainer lets it move freely, but keeping the extractor in place while tapping the firing pin retaining pin back into place. It can be frustrating as hell, especially when you hear that "ping" sound and realize the extractor spring has flown off into the middle of nowhere.[shocked]
    Here are a few pics I took tonight when I was reassembling a bolt and remembered the frustration of trying to find a tiny spring in the middle of my basement:


    Note your foe! The tiny retaining pin that requires a 1/8 punch and heavy blows from a solid hammer to get that sucker out.
    Just remember to place the bolt on a surface that allows for room to drift the pin out such as a piece of wood with a hole for the pin to fall into, or between the jaws of a vise.

    Taping the extractor in place helps prevent it from flying out both in disassembly and reassembly.


    These pics were taken after reassembly but show how to keep the extractor and retaining spring intact while driving the firing pin retainer back in. Just something to save some folks the headache of trying to find that tiny spring after its flown across the room.[smile]
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