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May 2, 2005
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Ok... Last weekend I had to rearrange my safe. I have one of the Sentry fire resistant 14 gun safes. The safe has the ability to be divided, so one half can hold long arms, and the other half can have shelving. It can be seen here

So I used to have it setup where half was for long arms and the other half had the shelves. On the shelves I would keep, all my hand guns, ammo, and cleaning supplies. The long guns were getting cramped in the one half, and to get certain guns out, I would have to take 3-4 out to get to them. So I did the only logical thing, out with the shelves. Now I needed a place to safely store my handguns. So I made a trip to Home Depot, and got a piece of pegboard. I cut it to fit, and shimmed it out away from the wall. The pegboard runs almost the full length of the safe and is exactly wide enough to go from front to back, but leaving enough space along the front edge for the bolts to close.

Now, I have all of my long arms spread out, and my hand guns arranged on peg board hooks. As a bonus, now there is plenty of room in that safe for at LEAST 4 additional long arms, and 10-12 handguns. Space problem solved.

So the issue now... Where the hell to safely store my ammo and cleaning supplies...

I figured that one of those metal cabinets that have two doors, that you would usually use in your basement to store chemicals or paint would be perfect. There is a perfect spot for it right next to the safe, and they usually have locks built right in. I'll be damned if I can't for the life of me find who sells them!

I have been to Home Depot, my local True Value, WalMart, K-Mart... I just don't know where to try next.

Any ideas?

I've seen them at Dicks.

And if you want to save some money. I had a friend who bought one of those OLD fridges, the big ones with the long handle and it's kinda rounded.

He bought one of those, then fashend a padlock thing on the front and uses one of those to keep all his ammo in. He just doesn't plug it in.

Just a thought.
Office supply stores.

Think of offices you've worked in, they all have these cabinets for office supplies.

Best to try a used office furniture store. There is one in Norwood on Vanderbilt Rd. Building 19 sometimes has them as well. There should be one somewhere near you.
Depending on how big a cabinet you need, I saw one that might work for you at Ikea Saturday. It's a low cabinet, made of steel. I think it's actually designed to hold DVDs and CDs, but it does have locks.

The Ikea is in Stoughton and the Grand Opening is Wednesday. I wouldn't suggest going that day.

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