MA Wildlife: Independent Study Course Format, Basic Hunter Education

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Feb 12, 2010
I just received a notification that there will be a Basic Hunter Education course in my area, and it is of the format; "Independent Study Course". I'd never heard of this before, and when I called, I was told this is a new format. How new is it? Is this first?

MA Wildlife, Basic Hunter Education, Independent Study Course

Independent Study Course Format
Instructions & Information for Students Considering the Independent Study Course

Basic Hunter Education patchThe Independent Study Hunter Education Course is an alternative format to the traditional course, however it is not necessarily the best learning situation for some students. This format is NOT easier than a traditional course! Independent study offers a flexible learning option at a distance and allows the student to complete the coursework without attending multiple class sessions. The student is responsible for completing an online course but the homework is only one part of the course.

Students must also complete the Hunter Education Field Day and PASS the exam as well. The homework takes MORE TIME than a standard course, but the field work usually takes only one day. As with all other hunter education program offerings, there is no charge for the course. All materials are provided. Please take a moment to review the information on the Independent Study course requirements below.

How to Complete the Independent Study Course

1) Enroll in the course to reserve a seat including first night, field day and exam. STUDENTS 17 YEARS OLD and YOUNGER (minors) must have parental or guardian consent to participate in the course. Parents and guardians are invited and strongly encouraged to accompany the minor. Minors taking the course with an adult are more likely to be successful in the course.

2) Attend First Day of Class. Obtain instruction on course requirements, receive study materials including the student manual and receive lessons on Hunting laws and Hunter ethics.

3) Do The Homework. Complete the Home Study workbook provided on the first night and bring it to the field day OR complete all fourteen (14) sections of the International Hunter Education online course ( and associated end-of-section quizzes. Quiz scores are available after each section. Retake the quiz until you receive a score of 100%. Print the quiz results and bring them to the Field day

Only students who complete either of these assignments may attend and participate in the Field Day activities.

4) COMPLETE THE FIELD DAY AND TESTING. At the field day, students participate in a number of skills-based learning stations. Field performance is a factor in determining successful completion of the course. Students are expected to demonstrate safe gun handling and a mature and responsible attitude toward firearms, people and natural resources. There is also a final written exam. Students must pass the exam with a score of 80% or better.

If you have more questions about the suitability of this format for you or another prospective student, please call the Hunter Education Program at (978) 772-0693.
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