MA abstract question, do you carry during bow season?


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Nov 30, 2005
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I had an argument with someone last year about carrying during hunting season. I carry during bow season and my friend told me that I couldn't, I told him to read the abstracts closer. It says that you can't carry during "shotgun" season. Why you would need to I don't know, if a 12 gauge slug cant stop it then your screwed. But anyway, it specifically says "shotgun" season not deer hunting season in general.
Would I be correct to say that I could legally carry into the woods during bow season? I will anyway due to the amount of BIG critters in the area that I hunt, but am I legal?

BTW....If someone told you that there are big cats living in Beartown State forest, they weren't lying. We had one follow my buddies out of the woods all the way to his truck a few years back. Scares the shit outa me, they can be within a few yards of you and you would never know it unless they wanted you to.
We also had a bear climb a tree all the way to the hunter in the stand one year, he's never come back [smile] That reminds me, I need my bear stamp for this year, saw more of them than deer this past year. And bear season is open the same time as deer season durring my week say in the mountain. Mmmmmmm, NES beast feast [wink]
We had a couple of big cats just down the road from the high school here. State will not acknowledge that they are here.
I asked about this last year and put in some queries to DFW and
they could not give me adefinative answer. In some counties it
is illegal to posses *any* firearm in any place "where game is present"
outside of hunting seasons. Nutty. I hike and scout off season and there are
a lot of coyotes in upton so I, too, would love a definitive answer.

You might contact Mass Wildlife. GOAL's Outdoor Message printed an article in Nov from them about when you can use a rifle in MA.

State has some regulations about a handgun for different times of the day and times of the year. One thing you would have to check is for your zone whether there was pheasant and quail season overlapping, then you can't carry one. There are caliber limits if you are out during dark. MA hunt and fish abstracts are here,

I don't know about Mass, but possession of a firearm (in the woods) during Bow Season (and in possession of a Bow License) in VT is not legal.
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Talked to an EPO yesterday about this question. He stated, "No. You cannot carry any firearm during bow season."
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