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LTC A ALP in 21 days???

Aug 12, 2005
Franklin, MA
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Okay, I really don't want to make any enemies. But I just had to post this note to encourage everyone. I got my LTC A ALP in 21 days!!!!! From application/interview, to day I had a LTC A in my hands. Kudoos go the Franklin chief, who was extremely reasonable and very intelligent guy.

But I will also give a lot of the credit to two other people. I hired Darius Arbabi to consult on my application. So my application "package" was absolutely impressive to the chief. THANKS Darius, I only hold the higher regard for you.

Also, I want to thank Jon Green and GOAL where I have taken two training classes. Again, the chief was extremely impressed with my knowledge of firearms AND of the MA law. This was not part of the "interview" but just us chatting while he filled out the computer forms. I had used firearms as a kid from 6 to 25 in another state, but still the GOAL training and my association with them paid off in spades.

And for him, my ALP required no trumpted up reason, just that I wanted it.

So, if anyone wants to invite me along to their range or club, I am game.
I want to look at all the ranges available close to Franklin first, and then go out further and further, until I find the right match.

So, with all the horror stories I have heard about getting a permit, I hope my story gives people some hope.

It's not easy to find a reasonable chief in MA, but some do exist.

Nothing beats having your paperwork in order and knowing the laws.

Watch out if people find out it's you they may take out their aggression from waiting 2-6 months on you! j/k
Some of our students have gotten them in 3 weeks, but not too many, most take at least a month. Glad you got yours! Now the fun can begin!! :D
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