Looking for an old gun shop

Mar 13, 2021
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Back in the mid 70's I sold a .219 Zipper Improved to a gun shop in Shrewsbury MA, near the Ward Hill ski area. I think the owner's name was Underwood. I'd like to track down that rifle, and although I realize the odds are pretty long against finding it, I thought I'd try with the gun shop. Does anyone have any contact information for anyone associated with that shop?
This is one of those things you just post everywhere asking if anyone owns or knows the owner of the specific gun and serial number and hope you get a reply before you die.
i remeber the place, bought my first purchased handgun there, but damned if i remember the name
The FFL's books from when they closed are probably sitting in the ATF's archived records now. The odds of finding the same rifle down the serial # are slim unless you happen to find it on a forum or an online listing. You'd be better off finding the same gun for sale and enjoying it as being the same save for the # matching the rifle you used to own.
Given the weird caliber you can probably put a WTB post on a whole bunch of gun boards and maybe find it eventually.... of course it would help if you have the serial number or something without that it's basically a pointless exercise.
Thanks for the feedback. Agree that the exercise is perhaps pointless. I don't have the serial number, lost those notes long ago. My uncle built this rifle, so it has some sentimental value - too bad I couldn't hang onto it back then.
The shop was called Underwood Arms and the owners name was Vern Underwood. I bought a Winchester Model 94 from him and used to buy ammo there in the early 80's. It closed over 30 years ago, and the owner died about 20 years ago. Other than that I think you will have a hard time in your quest.
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