Life member?

Yeah, I saw it, was like "dang, I need to do that"... and then I procrastinated, forgot and missed the window. Still kicking myself for that.
I even inquired about it. Got my answer and slept on it…then it was unavailable.

Maybe it will be like the NRA…every time the Chinese successfully attack the forum (like last time), they have to upgrade the software and will offer lifetime membership again?
Do I get anything for my 10 year Anniversary?

"The traditional anniversary gift for 10 years is made of tin or aluminum because the material represents the durability and flexibility needed to sustain a loving union."
Maybe donations could be made in the name of enbloc to pick a new life member in his stead. It could be a perpetual annual happening for anyone who makes a donation. The cause could be raising monies for upgrades or charity causes.
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