Legal Options for Selling my AR-15s in MA

I am a MA resident. I would like to sell my two AR-15s. The Colt I purchased new on 6/7/2011 and the LaRue was purchased new on 2/11/2014. One person has told me that it is illegal to do a private transfer to another MA resident and that I have to sell out of state. Another person told me this is not true. I would like to avoid any potential legal issues. What are my real/legal options?
Nope, they're illegal, turn them over to me for proper disposal, i'm a vet and still have connections to get these evil illegal black rifles decomissioned....
Because a lot of people, including FFL are giving bad information, people then repeat this bad information.

I don't care what anyone says, if that person can't show me a LAW that says they are not legal, then their argument is wrong.

So far, no one has been able to point to a law, therefore everyone that says they are illegal has been wrong.
I once had a dealer tell me special forces operators prefer double action guns because when they clear a room they like to "ride the break"

Are you saying he lied?
I can’t recall what the timing of that case was with regard to Healy’s fake edict and/or whether the gun was post ‘16
I mentioned and posted the report in a pending case that cited the Healy letter as law regarding a printed receiver made AR. The awb was charged but that gun is also equipped with an adjustable stock and bird cage muzzle device.

I have also mentioned incidents where ive argued w success that an AR stock isn't telescopic or folding due to the presence of a buffer tube.
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