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Apr 29, 2005
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Does anyone have any experience with Lancer Systems magazines, especially in AR platforms?

I just bought some 300 Blackout mags which look pretty well made and they seem to have a VERY slightly different structure at the very front of the mag.

Any comments? Useful, that is.
GTG for me, The 300 blk mags are a bit wider internally in the front to accommodate for double stacked .30 bullets opposed to the .223 bullets
I finally received the Lancer Systems 300 BO magazines from GunMagsWarehouse. Look pretty good but I wanted to compare them to 5.56 mags.

The 300 BO is at the left. A 5.56mm magazine from Lancer Systems is in the middle. The far right is a MagPul PMAG 10 AR/M4 Gen 3 mag for comparison.

It looks to me like Lancer Systems is offering a new, slightly different design for it's mags.

300 BO Magazine.jpg
This area with the bump out should be wider on a 300 blk mag to accommodate the .30 bullet, otherwise after about 10 rounds the bullet end start to single stack and cause feeding issues with the heavy 220 plus grain projectiles.
The lancer mags are a new approach, so I would expect some design changes, the bottom line is they work well, and are relatively inexpensive.


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GTG in my opinion- all the advantages of steel mag lips but with a clear body. I use them for my match AR and never had a failure. Also I know where they source their plastic resin and they get the US compounded good stuff.
I have some Lancer 5.56mm magazines and they are great. No issues. I like the 20 rounders but also have 30s. I have been using 300BLK Magpuls on my 300BLK pistols and rifles without issues either. I really like the metal/plastic construction on the Lancers.
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