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High end over under

In 2023.... Even that as a measure is probbly better than the bottom 90%.

I have witnessed entire legions of people that will buy guns that they NEVER fire. Like as in not even once.

And of the ones that actually go to the range, most of them just put one target out at 7 yards and shoot a shotgun sized pattern and then go home
The same reason why bass fisherman buy a Ranger boat. They think it makes them better than everyone else and that they have privileges.
Except with fart guns basically nobody thinks that, at least those watching. Like some of the best sporting clays guys i know are usually running guns in the $1500-2k region. And sometimes above and below that. The only guns one really notices are the ones that are broken or malfing. 🤣
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I didn't read 5 pages so maybe this has been covered....

I had the same mentality, I had sub $1k O/U's because they were "just as good" and pretty enough for me. Then when I got into the shotgun sports, and regularly ran 300-500 shells a week through them, the difference started to show. I had to replace firing pins, springs, from just wearing down from use, then the hinges and locking lugs started getting loose. So much that, when the action is closed, if you grab the shotgun midway and shake it, there's a distinct wobble. Then I got into trap. I didn't have thousands to spend on a dedicated trap gun, hell, even nice used ones can run $4k pretrty easy. So I got a BT-99, great dedicated trap gun. Its from the 70's, fixed full choke, and allready had the adjustable comb, butt, and helicoil recoil reduction set installed, and I paid $1,500 for it. Lord knows how many rounds that thing has seen and its tighter than any of my newer doubles and I smash clays like a champ with that thing.

So, in short, I'd say build quality/materials. Many of your typical Turkish imports are fine guns and will give you years of use for the typical hunter, clays shooter. But put them in the hands of someone serious about clays and runs thousands of rounds a year through it and its a different story.

Price wise....once you get into the B guns, your fine, so say $2-3K for a Citori, then ad on the customization's as you go along to see what you like and don't like. You can buy a Citori already set up, but at a much greater cost as opposed to having a pro customize it and usually do a better job that the factory. Once you get to a certain point I think it just comes down to window dressing like nicer bluing, exhibition grade wood, elaborate engraving and such more so than importance of function.

I'm not a pro or even that smart, that's just my .02
If you are shooting American trap singles, there is no finer trap gun for the money than a Browning BT-99. I have a 32" adjustable comb and recoil reducer with interchangable invector plus chokes and all in at $2500 including case. I did have the firing pins replaced at 20K shells, and yes I still suck.
If you are shooting American trap singles, there is no finer trap gun for the money than a Browning BT-99. I have a 32" adjustable comb and recoil reducer with interchangable invector plus chokes and all in at $2500 including case. I did have the firing pins replaced at 20K shells, and yes I still suck.

For sure. Mine is a beautiful example that had been lobingly cared for, only showing honest use from typical handling. By typical handling, that's probably 10's of thousands of mounts whereas the finish under the received is highly polished/faded from carrying to and from the line. I might try doubles some day, I've been looking at a 725 trap. I live about 1hr from the Nations second largest trap facility in Linn Creek MO. Place is crazy, you drive by the place at 40mph on the rural two lane road and it seems you drive for 15-20 minutes and you're still passing trap fields lol. I like going there for the state shoot to see the hundreds of vendors and custom shotgun smiths all set up.
Cops actually practice off of OT?

At my club they do a once a year training, and you can tell some of them have no clue. But they are getting paid for it.
We provide access cards for 4 or 5 local pd to use our range for off duty practice time. They pay us for the cards with an annual contract. Yeah we get some from time to tome.......most of them just plain suck.
I wore out 2 870's shooting trap and hunting with the same gun.
Now have a dedicated fancy gun for serious trap (if I ever get back in)
And a variety of other scatter guns for lets see what happens today trap and hunting.

Years ago when I started SCTP there in MA I had this kid go clean at the States with a beat up home camouflaged Mossberg 500. Never forget it!! He forgot his web belt for his ammo bag we are about to get underway. Digging through my truck looking for a belt the only thing I could find was bungee cord tie downs.
He ran it through the loop dumped his ammo and off he went.
The kids with the pretty guns and matching jackets where snickering at him. It was awesome to watch he tuned them right up!!
Ran it and went clean!!!

Doesn't matter what it looks like
#1 Does it fit!!!!
Pretty gun that doesn't fit isn't going to help that much.
Sure you can hang with the outcast click now but not the inner circle click but before that you've got to get past the middle management click.
Oh and there ALL are going to tell you how many trap, skeet , clays guns they have and how muchthey spent on them.There reload setting and gear is the way to do it.
And everything your doing is wrong. Your heading in the right direction but wrong so it won't be that bad to fix.
But that is a story for another day or post. : Why are clay shooters douche nozzles, The world will never know.

But seriously are you shooting for fun or record? Silly question all shooting is for fun!

If you are shooting an ATA event yes you can get by with your hunting rig How many targets are you shooting?
Some events if you do the entire day preliminary. 100 for record 200 doubles 200 handicap 200
That's a lot of banging on the shoulders. When hunting we don't notice because of the adrenaline.

Yes the fancy guns are lighter, swing easier. You shoot field grade then shoot a match gun. You'll think you've been carrying a 2x4 around all day.
Most importantly. If it doesn't fit it doesn't mean shit!!
Go out break some clays have some fun!!
If they are serious shooters on the line that trying to practice well they And youhave choices too
They can not squad up with you /say no to you squaring up with them.
Wait for another squad.
When I was shooting trap years ago I had a Superposed and and a 1100 Trap model. Sold them off and may get back in on a limited basis this winter. I'm liking the looks of the CZ 712 G3 Target model. Afraid a O/U will have me shooting over the target or under it. 😥
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