Hey Milsurps 4 Me - Where are the SVT40's?


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Apr 26, 2005
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Where we going to find these bad boys at the top of our "want" lists? Everyone who has one either wants to keep it, or wants to sell it for an arm and two legs on gunbroker and gunsamerica.

What do we do? Check every gun show and gun shop in New England and hope for a score some day? Well, here's my promise - when I come across two somewhere, I'll buy one and let you know about the second. I'm afraid I'll have to keep the one in better shape for myself, though....

Seriously - have you tried posting "want to buy" ads on other forums? If so, any luck?

I saw one last year at a show for $450 and I didn't have the cash. It was decent and not beat. So far since i've gotten my tax refund, I haven't seen any. With the exception of an e mail from Empire which had a refurbed one for wayyy too much ($850) than I wanted to spend. Granted it was refurbed to mint condition, but thats outa my league right now. I'm looking to spend between 5 and 6 hundred.
:::crossing my fingers for Marlboro::: in fact the 2 folks I'm meeting up there will have to give me a few minutes to do a quick run around the show to look for one.[wink]
JonJ said:
I got my Izy with an excellent bore for $475.
Check this out:

I'm temped to put mine on there! I could pocket half that $ and find another down the road for $500.

Crazy, and its not even a Finn marked rifle. Dennis usually gets top dollar for his rifles so I figured the $850 was a lot.
I know they're still out there and I don't think they'll climb into the range of the G43s any time soon.
Yeah they are getting harder to find, but so are lot of other rifles that i've seen and bought for a great price. I'm not gonna splurge, i'll wait for the right one. Finn marked, mint wood, bluing, and bore, all for $300. [smile] Hey, a guy can dream can'the?
I got my first one at the BIG E show for $650(refurb) about 5 years ago. I went there insearch of one and found it at the last table in the show. I thought i was dumb at the time but i guess i did ok now. About 3 years ago there were 3 SVT-40 there ranging from $495 to $550 all at one show but they weren't in the condition mine was in. About 2 years ago i found an orginal SVT-40 for $300 locally which i bought and sold not too long ago.

My refurb had no wear marks on the bolt from the case rim so it looked unfired with the purple colored bolt carrier. I later found out at the range it didn't cycle at all it would single shot. After reading up on it I readjusted the gas valve so the scribed lines matched up and it functioned perfectly i had a unshot newer refurb SVT-40 Tokarev. Both my SVT-40's cycled ok with the gas setting at 1.3 but you have to line up the scribed lines exactly because the gas port holes are very small and any misalignment it won't function.

The difference between an SVT-40 Tokarev Refurb and an SVT-40 Tokarev orginal condition is in the gas system. The gas piston and other parts maybe slightly corroded in the orginal svt-40 and the parts in the gas system in the refurb will be in new condition. I'm not sure which one you want to look for. The new gas system parts from numrich gun parts are no better than the slightly corroded ones i took out too. If you going to shoot it alot a refurb maybe the one for you.

Stay looking at gun shows and get there early and look fast. Get your hands on it and checkout the bore and buy it quickly.

I plan on replacing my svt-40 tokarev refurb with a Saiga Sporter in 7,62x54r when they come out then my svt-40 tokarev will go to the blackhole in the safe forever.
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BigBill said:
I plan on replacing my svt-40 tokarev refurb with a Saiga Sporter in 7,62x54r when they come out then my svt-40 tokarev will go to the blackhole in the safe forever.

Or on a neat lil' FA10 form signed over to me for a fair price?[laugh]
Saiga Sporter in 7.62x54?!? I'd have to see one before I abandon my Romak Dragunov clone.
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