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Nov 9, 2008
The beach, NH
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Hey guys, sorry if this seems kind of convoluted but, I have a friend in New Jersey with a question on how to transfer a gun from Massachusetts. Her grandfather recently passed away and had an antique shotgun in his name. I'm not sure of the make or year, but it's old.

My question is, how can she legally take possession of this gun in New Jersey, and since his passing, who owns this gun? There was no mention of it in his will, and none of the other family has any interest in it. Thanks! I'll try to get more information ASAP.
You might want to move (or have a Mod move) this to the NJ Laws forum, as maybe someone there might be familiar with NJ laws wrt inheritance.

Fed Law would allow the executor/trix (usually next of kin) to transfer it to whoever they wish. Guns need not be named in a will to be disposed of in accordance with the laws for inheritance. But NJ law kicks in here to truly determine what can be done by whom and how.
Long guns are really not a problem to transfer into or within NJ. If the transferee has an FID all they kshould do is retain the transfer paperwork associated with the fire arm. Some municipalities are really strict Nd some are laid back. My town (Holmdel) is pretty laid back. Like I said, if you have an FID and some paperwork you should be fine. Although an FID is required to purchase a long gun and ammo I don't think it is a pre requisite for ownership.
By transfer paperwork I mean anything that establishes the provenence of the gun and that is was to be transferred upon owners death or heirs wishes.
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