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Garand aquisitions and projects.

Welp my grandfather's M1 garand restoration back to 100% October 1943 configuration is complete. Parts include original stock, original 1943 barrel (settled for near new 9-43 barrel as 10-43 barrel wouldn't line up right Even with barrel shim), bolt, op rod, trigger group and type 2 lock bar rear sight(had type 3)
1000005666.jpg 1000005664.jpg 1000005662.jpg 1000005656.jpg 1000005658.jpg
Did some work in table. Added felt strips in holders, added the cof42 k98 bayonet grandfather brought back from ww2, some of my grandfathers patches from 45 years of service, shells from his funeral, and 2 clips full of every mfg m2 ball ammo from ww2 and other odds and ends

1000005805.jpg 1000005806.jpg

Also next project underway. Stock should be a hint. I'll give more later
1000005815.jpg 1000005813.jpg
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any interest in my collection?
Well i screwed up my clues for next project. Unless really versed the stock was only hint posted lol.

Anyway have a 2006 cmp M1D that someone totally stripped for parts down to plain receiver and cert 😑😑.


I happen to have a box SA stamped stock which is found on m1ds. Also have a SA cone flash hider and m84 scope. Problem will be finding an original scope mount and original barrel. Do have access to a new criterion m1d barrel that will work in meantime.

Baring a unforseen circumstance, this will be my last m1 resurrection/ restoration project.
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