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Full Auto Glock

May 1, 2005
Somerville, MA
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I got to shoot one for the first time today :D :D

I'll never be able to shoot my Glock happily ever again. I am now spoiled.
30 rounds in about 2 seconds... Ho hum, semi-auto is just so boring.
Well lets see, yesterday I only shot 5 machine guns. I paid 1 broken nail and 3 blisters with an IOU on the charley horse in my right calf...

Volunteering has its perks. [lol]

I can tell you that if you bring $200 you can shoot the Terminator-looking mini gun (200 rds). It makes a hell of a noise but lasts less than 2 seconds. .50 caliber is $25 for a full mag (10). Other than that I'm not sure how much the tickets are.

Yesterday was freezing but it was fun...
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