Firearm found at Restaurant in West Side


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Aug 5, 2012
Westfield, Ma
Saw this today in Westfield News. A Westfield man left a "automatic" pistol at a restaurant where he ate. I'm not sure of the full details, but I don’t know how someone could forget this. Mistakes can happen I guess. Hope the guy doesn’t get hung out to dry. I remember reading post on here about police officers leaving their duty guns in bathrooms.

Lost gun found at restaurant

By Carl E. Hartdegen on April 8, 2013in Police/Fire, Westfield
WESTFIELD – While it may be understandable for a customer to leave a hat, or even a wallet, when departing a restaurant, it harder to understand how a person could leave a pistol behind.
West Springfield police came to the city’s police station Friday morning to deliver a pistol that an Elizabeth Avenue resident left at a restaurant in their city.
Officer Michael Bradley reports that West Side police said that the man had eaten at a Riverdale Street restaurant and, after he left, the management discovered that he had left a .22 caliber automatic pistol in the booth where he had been seated.
The pistol was surrendered to city police who report that the owner’s license to carry a firearm will be reviewed.
Lost gun found at restaurant | The Westfield News
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Sep 11, 2005
Leoburg/Fitchminster area
Robert Blake was in Westfield? I didn't know he got married again?

[laugh] this will not end well unfortunately if the guy is a good guy which is too bad, but part of being a gun owner is being accountable for your weapon at all times. Cops and soldiers have to have this reinforced because a lot (most) are not into guns.

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