Derr Precision Man Candy Colt

Greg Derr

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Aug 15, 2005
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This 1981 Colt Combat Commander came from the factory with full coverage nickel plating- even the sights. The client, from a state that restricts some Colts wanted it more discreet. The nickel was reverse electrolysis stripped. Then the copper undercoating was blasted off. A blank canvas. All the original parts were tossed aside leaving the frame and slide. The frame was welded for a tight slide to frame fit. A Kart barrel with an EGW bushing was fit, all new internals of bar stock. 25 lpi checkering front and rear. A custom DP bobbed grips safety with a small pocket to accommodate the large ringed hammer. Flat topped with an arrow pattern. Gold line front sight up front and a Heinie at the back. John Aho made some awesome double diamond ironwood grips. I custom matched the Colt medallions to the IonBond smokes grey finish. My idea of "Man Candy".





LOVE that grip safety. I'm a sucker for any design that looks better than the flamboyant beavertails you typically see on modern-style 1911s.
It's actually preserves the best of new style versus the old style. It's friendly enough to be some thing better than a s***** colt/snake bite rat tail but a modern look and smoothness, and still usable by anybody who doesn't have 130% gorilla hands.....
The best thing sbout Mr. Derr,s work is not only are they magnificent to look at, these masterpieces were made to actually shoot . And. I bet they’d be as accurare as the are pretty, in the right hands.
That 1911 is just too nice to shoot.... At least I wouldn't. My 1911's are all marked up from me disassembling for cleaning (ham fisted ogre that I am).
That is something else. I’ll be indelicate and ask what would something like that cost?
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