Dealing with the Military and dentists


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Feb 28, 2005
Western MA
I really should have known yesterday that things were going to go down hill today when they called and changed our 7:15 appt,to 2:30. Now also take into account this is an hour and a half drive from our house. We got there a little early,which was fine Alan filled out their paperwork,gave them all the info and forms etc they needed.

We are waiting and there is another person ahead of us. They'd been waiting allready an hour,should have know then too. 4:00pm rolls around we still haven't gotten in,4:35 they take the ones that have been waiting ahead of us. Alittle after 5:00 they take Alan. Now Tri-care made the appointment,told Alan that this appointment was for him to get his wisdom teeth taken out. We found out then that this was only a consult.

Okay so we are trying to make another appointment,and we now have to go back the 25th of July,but we are not going to be going back to Torrington,we now have to go to Waterbury,CT,which I guess is about a half hour from Torrington. Then they give him a script to have filled for valium,okay Apparently MA won't recognise a CT script,and with the Tri-care we can only go to certain pharmacies. So now we are trying to get directions from the office staff where the local CVS is,they had us the phone book,tell us to call them and get directions. I don't know Torrington to save my life. Got directions from another patient that was waiting to get in. Her directions were sort of okay. Had to stop and ask and we actually weren't to far off.

So all in all getting home around close to 8:00 pm is not my idea of fun,especially when the office staff seemed to think no one else had anything better to do than to wait for over 2 and a half hours. If he didn't have to have this done before he deploys I would have left. As I told Alan when anyone calls from Tri-care they better hope they get him on the phone,because I really plan on giving them an earful. ( I also know if he doesn't get this done he'll get an Art.15) That was the other reason I didn't leave. I also had to arrange with my mother-in-law to pick Glenn up from work too.

edited by derek - sorry i had to paragraph that post :D
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