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Collector's Gallery, Stoneham, MA

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Joe G

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Apr 7, 2006
Berlin, MA
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I've seen this place mentioned in a few posts, but didn't find it in the Gun Shop Reviews. So I'm starting a thread on them.

Does anybody have any comments on Collector's Gallery? I was checking out their online inventory. It looks like they've got some interesting stuff and I was wondering if it would be worth a visit. I was planning on going to Four Seasons at lunch soon. Collector's is not much farther away than Four Seasons, but I doubt I'd have time to go to both, even if I extend my lunch hour. Are they worth a dedicated trip?
Are they worth a dedicated trip?
In a word, yes.

A while back I spied a Wilson Combat 1911 on their used gun list. Drove in and bought it, much to the dismay of the household Minister of Finance (or should that be Mistress...).
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