Centerfire newbie at the range

Nov 3, 2017
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A shooting buddy brought his mid-20s daughter (visiting during vacation) along to the range today. I'd been to the indoor range with both of them a time or two when she was younger. She's a decent shot with a handgun, typically using his Ruger .22LR to good effect.

Today, however, we were at the outdoor range and she was firing a rifle for the first time. After just a bit of time getting her comfortable with handling a .22LR rifle, it was really fun watching her first reactions to firing a .223, with the first shot getting "Whoa!", the second "All right!", and the 3rd ending with "OK, this is cool!".

Some days, it's almost as much fun watching. Almost.
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More tact would have been useful here. How about asking for pictures of the range day. 😎
First, somebody needs the SN ‘NES-StudClub’ or something along those lines.

Second, being as we’re not sure this is a NESers daughter, and being well above the age of majority, although possibly in poor taste, I do believe that the request is within the rules….not saying I condone it….
Young woman, experienced handgunner, enjoying shooting a rifle--doesn't get hotter than that.

My own middle-age woman shot the heck out of her new pearl-handled stainless Bearcat a few days ago, then blasted the center out of the next target with her youth-stocked Heritage revolving rifle. Yup, hot.
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