Cabelas coming to East Hartford.

How cool is that? I do enough ordering from them on-line. It would be SO sweet to be able to drive down there.

And I can use that as an excuse for my wife.

"Come on Honey, lets go check out Ikea...oh, and while we're down that way..."
Neat. I grew up in East Hartford, this could be a nice reason to go back and visit.
Nickle said:
Man, I feel for you guys that NEED excuses for the wife.

Mine usually reminds me to pick up .22 ammo when we go to WalMart.

Of course, she's got a .22!

It's not that I NEED the excuse. It just makes it easier to drag her around a place that she'd rahter not be in...but, she does like to camp and canoe and the like. So that part of it she would be cool with, but not too much on the gun room.

It's like when we go to Kittery. I go upstairs, and she wanders around the rest of the place. I just Nextel her to find out where she is when I'm looking for her.
I must just be lucky (or unlucky, since good guns aren't cheap).

We tend to look together in LL Bean's, Bass Pro or other similar stores. EMS, we tend to split up a little.
Yea, LL Bean we look together. We've never been to a Bass Pro Shop together. Though I have, and I love the place. We had on in Just outside of Cincinnati when I was living in Dayton. And we look at EMS as well. Although EMS is pretty small here in the Mall so it's not like we really have a choice.

And don't get me wrong, I have one cool wife. But she's just not fond of looking at the guns. She does say that she doesn't mind me going to shoots and shows. She says that it's safer than if I was sitting in bar all day watching the Sox. :D :D
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