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Feb 26, 2005
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Business yesterday took me down to Fall River and I had some time to kill before finishing business and heading back my way, so thanks to Thunderbolt, I stopped in on Bob's Sports Shop, Inc. in Westport, MA.

Interesting place for those of us into older guns. VERY OLD ammo (.22) in original boxes in a case. Police supplies that date back to the 1950s to 1960s, old guns, etc. VERY OLD gun books for $5 each. Gun powder and reloading supplies, some black powder supplies, etc.

The gentleman working the shop (he told that he was a part-timer) was very nice and he told me that if I had visited that shop in 1956, it looks the same today! Yup, he's telling it like it is! [smile]

Worth stopping in there, especially for the nostalgia.

They do sell new and modern weapons as well. [wink]

Doubt that the owner has ever used a computer from the looks of the shop, so no visible signs of a website or Email address.

Here's info from their business card.

Bob's Sports Shop, Inc.
737 State Road, Rte. 6
Westport, MA 02790
Ron O'Connor

Hopefully Thunderbolt can add more to this thread.
Being local I can only say bad experiences for me at Bob's. I remember spending hours in there when I was a kid with my father and glaring at the sign that said "If you're in a hurry you're in the wrong place". That was some 20+ years ago back when IHMSA was big around here and it still looks the same today.
I stop in once in a while when i'm heading to Richie's in Westport, but the salesmen I usually encounter at Bob's look like they're ready to fall asleep and look a little put out when I ask to see an old rifle.
The guy working there when I dropped in was polite and offered to help. I explained that I was just browsing and wasting time, so he just told me to ask if I had any questions. Good behavior in my mind, so I had no complaints.

A few other people came in looking for something specific, one person with a broken gun for repair, and another person with some very old hand-loading (literally) tools to show him or sell. The sales person gave each of them appropriate attention, so again I saw no issues like you describe.

I will say that I saw some items there where the dust on them probably qualified as C&R!! [devil]
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