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Arisaka parts


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Aug 24, 2005
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Last weekend I got a complete rear sight with 'wings' for my T99. The wings on the old sight, went missing somewhere over the years.

Also got a real nice bayonet and scabbard for it. The blade is nearly mint. Needs a 'frog' though.

I still need a cleaning rod and a bolt cover. My source said he might be able to come up with a bipod for it too !

I almost bought a whole new rifle with the necessary parts on it, but it was a lot less 'pristine' than the one I have now. My friend sold me the bayo and had another sight so I was 'saved' from having to buy another whole rifle to get the parts I needed.

Gotta update my photos. Someday I gotta shoot it too.

Jonj, do the notches in the middle of the 'wings' go up or down when the wings are open?
Sight up, wings extended, the notches are pointing down.

I picked up another T99 in April. It came with an original/mismatched dust cover, orig monopod, orig cleaning rod, AA sights and bayo. The bolt is mismatched too but I couldn't resist.

You can pick up repro covers, rods, frogs and pods. Originals will cost you $$$!
Some rifles never had monopods. An easy way to tell is marks that were left on the bottom of the wood towards the front left from the pod when it was folded up.
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